The Host draft script

A phone call is coming at, I am playing Peter, Sam is Wayne, John is Chad, we going to have two girls Maria and Rebeca :

Peter: I am dialing from my phone, Wayne I am hosting …
Wayne: Who are you ?
Peter: You best friend, Peter,
Wayne: Peter, You mother fucker I will kill you
Peter: Why ?
Wayne: Because, Peter it is 3 am in the morning
Peter: Did I wake you up, honey …
Wayne: very angry no sound ….
Peter: Wayne, Wayne, Wayne are you there …
Wayne: No, Jesus Christs … go to bed it is 3 am and 5 minutes
Peter: I am hosting
Wayne: What ?
Peter: I am hosting Buckhead Toastmasters tonight…
Wayne: Oh, not again.
Peter: It is my first time
Wayne: You first time having sex
Peter: Yes, no I am conferencing Chad right now
Wayne: Who the hell is Chad ?
Peter: I met him golfing last week
Wayne: Is Chad a man or a woman ?
Peter: Chad, I am hosting
Chad: Where ?
Peter: In Buckhead
Chad: What time ?
Peter: 7:00 pm
Chad: Let me see my schedule, checking, yah I am available at 7:15
Peter: Could you come at 7:00
Chad: No, Peter I cannot
Peter: Why?
Chad: I am busy, have a small contract to fulfill
Peter: Well cancel it and see you at 7:00
Chad: No, I cannot do it
Peter: Come on it is my first time
Chad: Having sex
Peter: Yes, oh no cancel you contract right now