Ocoee Tennessee USA is the greatest place to visit, you can hike, fish, camp, and it is famous for the white-water rafting, it has to sections middle that is 5 miles and upper section also called Olympic up to 10 miles, rapids are from level 4 to 1. It is located almost 100 miles from Atlanta Georgia 2 hours derive from 75 then going on 411 and from Chattanooga TN it is around 42 miles. It has three dams and there under control by TVA. The rapids have names and I will describe just few of them like Grumpy, Gonzo Shoals, Tablesaw where the whole river is going in one tinny section and the most exciting and also dangerous rapid following by Diamond Splitter and finishing with the Power house.

Expedition: Bigfoot! The Sasquatch Museum, this is real and exists it is in the middle between Atlanta Ga and Ocoee Tennessee. 1934 GA-515, Cherry Log, GA 30522
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The Ocoee River is the most visited white-water rafting in the US almost 230,000 visitors per year. Also, the rafting has economic impact on the region around $43 million per year according from one study published on internet. The river is dam controlled and runs minimum 1200 cfs /cubic feet per second/, when the water is not running in the river it is diverted to the Flume line another masterpiece that is still operating and build without nails. The temperature of the water is around 70 Fahrenheit in all the time.